These beautiful Italian built pizza ovens not only look great but also perform incredibly. Typically, it only takes about 15-20 minutes to get a Clementi pizza oven up to cooking temperature and our Clementi range consists of three oven sizes with internal cooking areas of; 60×60cm; 60×80cm; 100×80cm. They are available as wood fired or gas.

The internal cooking area in the Clementi pizza oven is lined with high grade fire bricks which retain the heat generated by the fire to give a perfect crispy pizza base. All Clementi pizza ovens have a thermometer, a damper system located on the chimney for temperature control and a solid stainless steel door. They are heavily insulated with 8cm of wool-rock between the cooking chamber and the roof of the oven, and the floor has 2.5cm of skamotec fibre board on the floor of the oven under the bricks. This exceptional level of insulation means that slow cooking is achievable with ease and for prolonged periods in the Clementi.

These are available in the Family range or if you wish to have a stand, the Pulcinella range.

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